Terms & conditions

1. Security: It is our policy to ask for a credit card on file at the time you make an order; this guarantees your commitment to our services. Payment for your order will not be processed to this card unless the customer has chosen to use this card as method of payment in writting.

2. Payment method: We accept cash, debit card, major credit cards, money order, and personal cheque. If payment is made by cheque, the renter agrees to pay a service charge of $25.00 or 5% of order total, whichever is greater, if the cheque is returned by bank. (a.k.a. NSF cheque)

3. Payment terms: 50% of total invoice is due 10 calendar days prior the day for delivery / pick up of equipment. The remaining 50% of total invoice is due 2 calendar days prior.

4. Permits: The renter agrees to obtain any necessary permits (municipal or otherwise). The renter is responsible for providing parking permits, or parking space for delivery of rented items. Renter agrees to pay for any parking ticket/fine we receive while delivering your order.

5. Damage / Vandalism to the equipment: The renter shall be responsible to ABSO Rental Services Inc. for all damage, including but not limited to disappearance, soiling, or staining of all or any part of the equipment. In the event of damage to the equipment through whatever cause, the renter agrees to contact ABSO Rental within 24 hours. Renter will be billed for repairs or replacement, including parts and accessories. Damage also includes marking or labeling of rental equipment. The renter shall take necessary precautions to prevent the loss of or damage to the equipment by vandalism, defacement, theft, arson, or other unlawful behaviors, and in the event of default of this connection, the renter shall be responsible to make good all such damage or loss.

6. Equipment failure: It is understood and agreed that the renter understands how to operate equipment and is responsible for notifying ABSO Rental during the rental period of any equipment malfunctioning or related operational problems to be considered for any price adjustment.

7. Legal costs: In the event it is necessary for ABSO Rental to employ a lawyer to recover the equipment, collect the rentals or any damages properly payable by the renter, the renter shall reimburse ABSO Rental for all legal costs.

8. Late: In the event that the renter does not return the items and equipment on the return date, a late fee equivalent to daily rates will be charged.

9. Reference: ABSO Rental might choose to use your name or company name as reference.

10. Delivery / Pick up: Standard delivery & Pick up service fee includes delivery and pick up of equipment to a location on the GROUND FLOOR ONLY. Additional charges may apply if the use of an elevator or excessive distance has to be covered from the shipping and receiving area.

11. Contact person: Customer must leave us a name and phone number of a contact person who has the authority to sign documents and receive / return equipment on your behalf. Additional charges may apply if our staffs have to wait on site because no one is there to handle the shipment.

12. Cancellation Terms: If cancellation notice is given less than 48 hours of scheduled rental start date, a 10% cancellation fee will apply. Less than 24 hour cancellation notice prior to rental start date will result in a 50% cancellation fee.

A 100% charge will apply for orders cancelled on the rental start date. Because of the unique nature of our business, we are unable to make exceptions to this policy, including, but not limited to, the cancellation of your event for any reason whatsoever.


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